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Jennifer Looman founded Wild About Wellington in 2005 as a premium tour company offering bespoke tours with a personalised hosting experience. Walking the city may be a novel idea for some, but she believes is the very best way to engage with a city, meet the people who make it tick, and take time to explore things that interest you, the guest.

Jennifer is flexible in her approach and can arrange transport and tailor tours on request.

As a destination management consultant, she can provide a Wellington event for an individual through to large groups. Just ask!

Over the last few years she has also been the local guide for Tauck World Discoveries, a US-based luxury tour company. You are welcome to experience her TripAdvisor reviews from her guiding roles over the years.

Jennifer Looman  

Jennifer routinely receives excellent comments and from the moment you meet her, it is clear that she is devoted to her role and her city.


Jennifer - Fun Facts

Jennifer loves to travel and has a particular fondness for cruising. She has cruised the Mediterranean, her own backyard in the South Pacific and even a 45 night world cruise from Auckland, New Zealand to Southhampton in England.

She is married to Mr Wild (the 'Wild' in Wild About Wellington) and they have two teenage kids. As a family they are travel junkies and the kids have racked up 19 countries to date. Jennifer plans family holidays based on visiting exotic locations at family-friendly prices, so sleeping on trains, or a sofa-bed in Paris, is not unheard of. It's all about the adventure.

Jennifer speaks French thanks to being an exchange student in Tahiti in her youth. She comes from a multi-lingual background with a father who spoke Dutch and a mother who spoke Esperanto (you might need to Google that).


Jennifer Looman
Wild About Wellington Ltd


+64 27 4419010 (international)
027 4419010 (within New Zealand)

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